Why see a doctor when you're well?

If you’re like many people, you don’t think about your health until you’re sick. But a little preventive care can help you stay healthy and even save you from chronic disease. 

Use the chart below to make sure you are the healthiest version of yourself.

Cancer Screening 

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the U.S., but the good news is that survival rates are increasing across the board. The earlier cancer is detected, the easier it may be to treat and even cure. Types of cancer screenings include breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer.

Talk with your doctor about getting screened for cancer.

Hypertension Screening

Nearly half of American adults have high blood pressure. Sadly, many aren’t even aware because there are no outward symptoms. We recommend getting your blood pressure checked at least once per year.

Avoid heart health issues by knowing your numbers. 

Annual Wellness Check

Yearly check-ins are a time to get updates on your height, weight, blood pressure and other standard health facts. It can also be a time for you to schedule preventive exams specific to your age, gender and medical history.

Mental Health and Substance Use

In addition to watching your physical health, building a solid support network of family, friends and coworkers can help you during life’s ups and downs.

Discuss any mental health and substance use concerns with your primary care provider.

Visit Learn to Live and enter medexp for online support and tools.

Preventive Health

Staying healthy isn’t just about going to the doctor when you’re sick. Instead, here are a few things to help you avoid chronic diseases:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Get daily physical activity
  • Quit tobacco products
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol use

Login to HealthyBlue for tools to help support you with making healthier habits in a manageable way.


Common immunizations adults receive include the flu, tetanus, shingles and pneumonia.

Ask your doctor which immunizations are recommended for you based on your age and gender.

Overall Well-being

Use your benefits to be well:

  1. Call Medicaid Expansion Member Services at 833-777-5779 for benefit questions. For questions about prescriptions, call 1-800-755-2604.
  2. Call the 24-hour nurse line to get answers after hours by calling 833-777-5779.
  3. Log in to the Member Portal, click on HealthyBlue and complete the Health Assessment and receive $15.

Need a doctor?

Need help finding a primary care provider to tackle these preventive services?