Find Your Private Information in the Member Portal

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Your personal health insurance information lives in a secure, password-protected area. This article tells you how to access the secure portal and what you'll find once you log in.

If you have a cell phone, or if you bank online, you know your private information is in a password-protected area. The same is true of your BCBSND health insurance information.

To access your BCBSND data, register for the Online Member Services portal. In addition to your personal health information, the portal also gives you access to some helpful wellness tools.

What you can do in the Online Member Services portal:

  • Request a new ID card
    Print or request a new card if you have lost your card or want a second copy.

  • Access dozens of online wellness tools
    The portal gives you access to the free HealthyBlue online wellness center where you can achieve your personal goals. Get help to stop smoking, start exercising, calm your stress, sleep better, and more.

  • Sign up for electronic Explanations of Benefits (eEOBs)
    An EOB lists your recent medical services and shows what BCBSND paid on your behalf. Paper EOBs are mailed to your home unless you request paperless EOBS. The paperless version means you get an email with a link to an electronic EOB. The benefit of paperless is easy online access and less paper to clutter your home. Request paperless EOBs in the portal.

  • View your claims
    Each time you use a medical service, we receive a bill, or a claim. The portal allows you to see the progress of your claim anytime.

  • See what’s covered in your plan
    Read about the benefits available to you or request a copy of your Certificate of Insurance.

  • Access the authorization to release information form
    You can allow a close friend or family member to have access to your health information.

How to access the Online Member Services portal

Follow these steps to complete the one-time registration for Online Member Services.

  1. Log in from here or the top right corner.
  2. On the next screen, choose ”Register” and follow the instructions. You will need your BCBSND member ID card to register.
  3. Create your profile and save your login information so you can easily access the portal in the future.

We want you to get off to a good start with your Medicaid Expansion plan. If you need help registering for the Online Member Services portal, we’ll help. Call 1-833-777-5779.