Behavioral Health Support Services

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Having good mental health is just as important as taking care of your body. Knowing you have options to support you in times of crisis, will help you build a solid foundation of overall well-being. BCBSND is here to support you by offering the following services:

Crisis Stabilization Unit

A safe place for you when you’re having a tough time with your thoughts and feelings. It provides a temporary haven where you can talk with a professional who knows how to help. They can provide tools and support to help you feel better and give you a chance to heal during challenging times.

Mobile Crisis Unit

A special team of helpers who come to you when you’re really upset or struggling with your thoughts and emotions. They listen to what’s bothering you and help find ways for you to feel better. Their goal is to make sure you’re okay and offer support right when you need it.

Social Detox ASAM 3.2

A safe place to go if you want to stop using drugs or alcohol. It’s different from hospital detox since it focuses more peer and social support, rather than medical care. The caring staff can help with the discomfort that comes with stopping drugs or alcohol and monitor for additional care needs. They offer support and information to help make positive life changes.

Peer Support Services

This is a peer that understands what you’re going through. They have been through tough times and learned how to get better and will share their own experiences. You will experience someone who believes in you and can help you feel hopeful about your future.

For more information on community services available to you, please call: